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Do you like surprises? Well, if so, this is the choice for you. With over 30 speciality flavours we can't just keep them all to ourselves! Tell us whether you'd like the Original, Gluten Free or Vegan recipe base and we'll surprise you with a flavour that's not on our website! 


Our Original, Gluten Free and Vegan recipes don't have any nuts in, but let us know if you have a nut allergy and we'll make sure not to send any flavours with nuts in.


If you have any other specific flavours you REALLY don't like then please let us know. Although, that kind of defeats the point of a mystery box, eh?!


    Our brownies come in standard boxes of 6 or 12.


    1 week - stored out of the fridge

    2 weeks - stored in the fridge

    Up to 3 months - stored in the freezer


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